Birds will be accepted from April 1st  until May 5th.  Replacements until May 13th.


Cost to enter the FALL CLASSIC ONE LOFT RACE is $150.00 per bird.  Any birds that do not make the first 30 mile training toss I will return $40.00 of their money.


Those who entered the 2017 race have first priority to enter the 2018 race,with the same amount of birds (or less) UNTIL MARCH 1st   However you MUST SECURE YOUR SPOTS BY SENDING ME $25.00 PER BIRD YOU WISH TO ENTER PRIOR TO MARCH 1st The $25.00 per bird will be deducted from your entry fee.  AFTER MARCH 1st THE RACE WILL BE OPEN TO ANY NEWCOMERS OR FOR THOSE WHO WISH TO ENTER ADDITIONAL BIRDS.  I do have a waiting list that continues to grow so do not procrastinate.  Send in your reservation fee now.  Remember the old adage, “you snooze, you lose”. 


I will handle 150 birds in 2018.  Entry fee MUST accompany birds.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


There are no buy backs and no birds will be auctioned off.  All birds will be returned to the breeders at their expense.  Birds must be out of my loft no later than 14 days after the final race.


There will be three (3) races and all three races will be included in average speed. 

The  150 miles race is,  September 2, 2018

The  250 miles race is, September 16, 2018

The  350 miles race is, October 6, 2018

Race dates are PROJECTED to be as follows but loft manager has the right to change dates for any acceptable reason.  (bad weather, emergencies, conflicting dates with other races, etc) .

There will be five (5) average speed places paid out for the 3 races.  Payout will be to the top five average speed birds so one loft may actually win more than one average speed prize.  Prizes are based on 175 entries.  1st overall average speed $700.00, 2nd $500.00, 3rd $300.00, 4th $250.00 & 5th $125.00.


Provided I receive 150 paid birds the payoff for the 350 mile race will be as advertised.

1st place $3500.00               9th    place $250.00            17th   place $175.00

2nd place $2000.00              10th  place $250.00            18th   place $175.00

3rd place $1000.00              11th  place $225.00            19th   place $150.00

4th place $600.00                12th  place $225.00            20th   place $150.00

5th place $500.00                13th  place $225.00            21st   place $125.00

6th place $400.00                14th  place $200.00            22nd   place $125.00

7th place $300.00                15th  place $200.00            23rd   place $125.00

8th place $250.00                16th  place $200.00            24th   place $125.00

                                                                                         25th   place $125.00


The 150 mile race and the 250 mile race will be known at HOT SPOT races and will have an OPTIONAL entry fee of $25.00 per bird.  Each race will pay out the first five (5) birds that are CLOCKED in the $25.00 per bird category.  The prize structure is 1st place 45%, 2nd place 25%, 3rd place 15%, 4th place 10%, 5th place 5%.  The FALL CLASSIC ONE LOFT RACE will take 10% of the OPTIONAL fees for its grant program.  ALL OPTIONAL $25.00 FEES MUST BE IN MY HANDS THE NIGHT OF SHIPPING, DELIVERED TO ME THE DAY OF THE RACE BEFORE THE BIRDS ARRIVE HOME OR POST MARKED BEFORE THE DAY OF THE RACE.


All prizes will be awarded by CLOCKING ORDER.  Any ties in clocking speeds will be divided by positions.  RE: First two birds have identical clocking speeds they will split first and second place prize.

Loft manager will vaccinate all birds.  All birds arriving remain in quarantine for 10 days.  All birds have a strict medication program that all birds will receive.

All birds will fly on one system only.  (THE PERCH)

Liberator's) will be appointed by the loft manager but loft manager will have final say on releases.

The race will continue until POSITION prizes are gone or 72 hours pass whichever comes first.  Any prize money left not given out after 72 hours will be divided amongst the prizes that are home.  ANY POOL OR CALCUTTA MONEY WILL CONTINUE ON FOR AN ADDITION 48 HOURS.

Any discrepancies will be handled by the loft manager and a committee selected by the loft manager and their decisions will be final.

Loft manager shall have the right to approve or refuse any race participants.

Anyone is welcome to come and watch the birds arrival from all 3 races.  Once again we will have the pot luck meal on the day of the 350 mile race.  Come and enjoy the excitement and camaraderie.  If you were here for the past races you know what I’m talking about.  Food is tremendous and plentiful.  Laughs and good times are never ending.  As one participant states, “any more fun and this event would be deemed illegal.”  Bring your wife, girlfriend or a friend all are welcome.

Payments and birds to be sent to:

Gary Meis

69555 One Mile Rd

Bruno, MN 55712